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NICK NATIVO  Producer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer
The Nook Recording Studio

Looking to Improve Your Mixing Skills?


Discover the most hands-on way in learning your craft as an artist, mixing engineer, or even your own mastering skillset. Instamix can now offer you the ears of a seasoned professional, in a PRO Environment, to help tailor YOUR Sound. 

How it Works:

  • Phase 1

    • Select 1 of our Plans

    • Upload A Mix

    • Receive A Personalized Mix Review 

  • Phase 2

    • Take As Much Time As You Need To Tweak 

    • Resubmit Your Latest Mix

    • Receive A Progress Update Response

  • Phase 3

    • Make A Final Run Of Edits and Resubmit

    • Receive Your Track Mastered By A Mastering Professional and Ready to Release.


Insta-Crit is a 1 Time "Lend Me Some Ears!" and can come in CLUTCH. Ever stay up all night long trying to crush a track for a client by a deadline and need that second pair of ears? Or how about working on a track for weeks and just can't figure out what you need to do to make it sound more professional? Maybe you're new to mixing and just want to improve your skills! All these and many more are great examples of how Insta- Crit can change your world.


Insta- Crit isn't just some lousy "turn up the snare, turn down the bass, I think you can sound better" forum opinion. This is an in-depth suggestive guide to making you better at your craft. Touching on the topics of the different instruments in the mix, frequency balance, leveling, using compression, creating depth in a mix, using proper delay and reverb choices, panning, automation, using pitch correction correctly, the list can go on and on.



​When selecting the Become A Master option, things get even more detailed as you continue submitting your mix on the way to becoming the master. When using the Become A Master feature we go as far as discussing the tools you are using to create your mixes or tracks and help refine your plugin chains. 

Become A Master is being offered for the AMAZING Introductory price of $99 per song and even deeper discounts can be applied for an E.P. or larger batches of songs.


Where can you learn how to get better at what you do, go and improve it, come back for another round of learning, get a final round of tweaking in and receive a professional master all for under $100?


Bulk Song Pricing

5-8 songs - $18/song

9+ songs - $15/song

Bulk Song Pricing
5-8 songs - $89/song

9+ songs - $79/song

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